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Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm CDT
clutching their smart phones buried in the data, this data suggests a troubling trend in technology. it's a beautiful autumn day in the park but instead of enjoying the clear blue skies some parents and caregivers prefer the scenery at their fingertips. we are looking down into a knot up it might be a better idea to have a short conversation. with so much information to devour its hard to take your eyes off of the action on hand take a look at these numbers into just may stopped tapping away according to data from the centers for disease control there has been an upswing of non fatal injuries to children younger than 5 by 12 percent since 2007 it comes after decades after declining injury rates mostly due to child proofing a tactics into safer baby equipment. in 2007 9 million people owned the seven devices and today that number has surpassed 116 million. when we asked doctors from three major chicago medical centers to weigh an all admitted that distraction is a growing danger especially in the age of the smart phone. someone tried to reach in their purse and everybody went down th
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm CDT
seniors getting on facebook and really being a career with the technology. it starts with the language. the first half is to get rid of the language you're used to. you do not have to interact. you do not have to be on facebook all the time to really enjoy it. now-they're accepting a more and more. there used to it i guess. one of the things our expert says, do not put something on facebook that you would not put on your front door. observing the and directing is a great way. as albans that the found a friend that they're not seen in 35 years. car lots of scams. there are lots of skills. putting information on facebook about infants is really helping them to steal the attendee. he did not want to do thatsteal the identity. >> we're going to have a class. facebook for seniors. we do with love to have you. would love to have you trib u's facebook for grandparents" class takes place tuesday october 23rd 9 a-m at tribune tower in chicago. log on to trib nation dot com slash events to get more information or to order tickets. next governor pat quinn and chicago mayor rahm emmanuel'
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm CDT
only ones with the advance of digital technology these are no longer celebrities who have something to think about. kiss is just a kiss unless you are prince william and his future queen kate middleton. they live in the public eye with cameras capturing their every single move sometimes scandalously so but with all of the technology smart phones tablets telephone lenses there are up to the minute new questions about the issue of privacy where do draw the line. does ever-changing technology keep moving that line? for example and illinois businessman went to prison for taking pictures story hotel people of the fox sports host erin andrews clearly illegal what about the topless photos of the duchess of cambridge in france the publisher was fined and ordered to turn over the photos but if they were taken here in illinois it would be a different story says the privacy law professor lesley reese. to get these pictures, press reports say that photographer used a long lens about a half mile away on a public road. to give you an idea of how intrusive that can be we rented a similar lance sped i
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm CDT
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Oct 13, 2012 9:30pm CDT
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Oct 12, 2012 12:00pm CDT
and me? hey boy, you wanna go for a walk? dr. scholl's pro inserts with shock guard technology relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. where is everybody? that's not your dad. go pro with dr. scholl's. in today's lunchbreak lobster deviled eggs. derek rettell is here from "crosby's kitchen" which in the heart of the southport corridor. thanks for coming in. >>holidays aer coming. a simple easy preparation. >>people know you cared. >>it makes it a lot easier. >>we are going to start with the base.a little bit of mustard. >>love this. just a little bit of mayonaise. we use whole lobsters. nothing gets wasted. go ahead and chop that up. >>wonderful flavors. maybe a little dash of tobasco. just a pinch of cayenne. a squeeze of lime. >>go ahead and fold that up. >>put that filling right inside. we will take our topping. we will put those right on top there.a little splash over there. whole chicken porkchops an american neighborhood. a casual affordable restaurant. >>this is on the menu. the number one selling appetizer. derek rettell,
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm CDT
technology shares. >>a congressional report released today says two major chinese telecommunication companies should be barred from any u-s mergers and acquisitions. huawei and z-t-e communications have been accused of having ties to china's communist government. the report did not find any proof of wrongdoing but says the companies failed to respond completely to lawmakers questions. called the report baseless. even in these tough economic times, the real estate market in some cities is still holding strong. and it seems london is certainly one of them. c-n-n's richard quest shows us one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. next, details on a plan to expand chicago's riverwalk. and later in the medical watch >>there is no more. 10 ft 4 by 8 ft 4. >> this as the length of the flat. the apartment is a converted cloak room. i would point out the high ceiling and natural light coming through. i would point out the location. >> the original asking price of $145,000 has been well exceeded. the top offers are believed to be around 280,000. this tiny apartment is in the best part of london. next
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7